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Jennifer Sharp


When I create it’s like the Sun’s warmth touching my skin after a deluge of rain. I’m in my happy zone once again.

Lorna Kopp

When I make something with my hands, I know that only I could make it – no one else can create exactly the same way. When we allow the universe to flow through us our ability to create is limitless.

Renee Baude

These are two of my favourite quotes. Writing brings such magic to the world. It enables people to feel, think, come to life, ponder, smile. That is my goal as a writer.

Working in education, I learned to hone my writing craft whilst coaching and mentoring students and teachers. I still enjoy sharing stories in the classroom – it’s wonderful watching children’s eyes light up as they scan the pages from left to right – their smiles growing as they Jennifer Sharp

laugh at the words and illustrations trying to make sense of a fictional world.

I am the Founder of Daisy Lane Publishing and Creative Collaborations and successfully manage an online coaching course for writers – Mindset Challenges for Successful Authorship. I am a YMag Thought Leader/Change Maker, an Ausmumpreneur nominee and a judge for the ABIA Book Awards. I’m also a multi-genre author with a passion for mentoring, speaking, and publishing quality books, written from the heart, acknowledging that one story can empower many. I adore stories that are written with passion, inform and educate the reader, offering them hope and strength, courage and resilience to continue on their journey regardless of who, or how old the reader is.

I continue to write in differing genres every chance I get – one never knows when the magic will rise. When not writing you can catch me reading with a cat or two on my knee or playing with my dogs at the beach.

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