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K P Weaver


Karen Mc Dermott began her writing journey at in 2010. Filled to the brim with creativness after having her 4th child she began writing short pieces of interest, this soon grew into featured articles and then her first novel The Visitor was born through the belief and support she received from

She went on to write

The Wish Giver in 2012 whilst also writing articles and founding Serenity Press.

Karen knows that it is because she was given the opportunity to discover her natural writing ability through the freedom of exploration that she has successfully incorporated writing into her life. Now a mother of 6 and is currently writing her 4th novel in the The Enlightenment series 'The Shadow Keeper' (Her 32nd book)

Karen's calling in life is to share her philosophical thinking with the world. She does this through her Life Magic series. This series of books are published through MMH Press.

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