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Mickey Martin


Michelle Weitering, better known by her pen name as Mickey Martin, resides in the Frankston area of Victoria, Australia, with her treasured husband and sons. She writes about love, life and the world we live in today, because of it and to escape it.
Her writing is raw, emotional, compelling and can at times be confronting. She writes from the heart with the main purpose to be purely entertaining and reflect the best aspects of life. Friendship and laughter, love and loyalty, always mixed with a bit of grit and darkness. No-one wants boring, right?

Mickey has previously published The Given and Dark Angel, Books One and Two of The Given trilogy and is currently rewriting The Given. The trilogy will be released in a box set, in the not too distant future, finishing with Book Three, The Guardian.

In between re-writing The Given, finishing The Guardian and plotting future writing projects, Mickey put all on hold, to write the challenging and personal journey about her son’s battle with the silent predator that is mental illness, in her new book, Thirteen and Underwater. Launching May 2019. It is her wish to share her family’s journey, dealing with the increasingly prevalent disease, Anxiety, that wreaks havoc on millions of individuals every single day. Thirteen and Underwater is told with brutal honesty and humour. No matter how difficult some days are, and you feel you are failing as a parent, there is always a silver lining to every dark cloud.

Wanting to put her beloved area, the Mornington Peninsula on the map, Mickey is currently conjuring up a twisted paranormal romance possibly titled Sins of Sorrento or Sinners Shadows. (Sorry, no mention of Werewolves or Vampires will be in this novel!)
A second book in this series will be based in her beloved childhood hometown, Glenormiston South, where she will bring an eerie, paranormal theme to the historical and once thriving Glenormiston Agricultural College. Dedicated to her beloved mother, Lynette Martin, who resided at the back of the college for over 35 years.

To escape the busyness of the world, Mickey spends time in her garden, giving back to Mother-Earth, enjoying plunging her hands into rich, composted soil creating gardens for humans and animals alike to relax in.

Mickey is a member of the PWC – Peninsula Writers Club, and loves being surrounded by her enthused fellow writers.

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