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Kiss & Cry
nine decades of life and love


Liz Hicklin was born and educated in the, UK. From an early age, she was encouraged to entertain with poems and stories. At Cambridge University her love of literature was further inflamed during a torrid affair with a young poet by the name of Ted Hughes.


As a young nurse. Liz embarked on a round-the-world working holiday. Her plans came to a grinding halt in Melbourne, after meeting the handsome Canadian, Bill Hicklin. With the whole catastrophe of husband and children, Liz’s creative interests were quelled until she retired to the Mornington Peninsula, when she finally found time to write prose and wax lyrical. After writing several smaller works, in 2020 her book Limerence was published, a true story about unrequited love.


Through her telling of everyday events in stories and poems, Liz presents a profound reality that delights people of all ages


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