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Your Voice, Your Reality

Updated: Mar 15, 2020

Our voice is the vessel we use to express ourselves. It’s how you, and others, know you.

Voice is alchemical. It is constantly growing, changing and morphing into more of you.

It is the matter of you. The output. The manifestation.

How you express yourself is how your life unfolds. This is also true for your clients and your characters.

Voice is:

Vocal—speaking, singing, barking, crying and whistling

Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives—word choice or order, emails, texts, posts, and creations

Sounds You Create—hums, moans, squeaks and squeals

Your Volume—loud, soft, harsh, silent and grating

Your Home and How You Live in It

Your Clothing and How You Wear It or Don’t

Your Hairstyle and How you Keep It

Your Moods and How You Share Them

Your Reactions, Responses and Replies

Your Style

Your Imagination and Your Imprint

Your Biggest Fan and Best Friend, or Enemy, in this Lifetime

Your Trust, Faith and Belief in Yourself, or Lack There of

You can’t not be your Voice. It is, as I said, how we express ourselves. It is how we are seen and heard and felt. The interesting, no, fascinating part is how disconnected we often our from our voice. We say things we don’t mean. We live in situations that have no reflection of our actual taste and preferences. We don’t speak up about what is nagging, or bothering, or killing us. We let others tell us how we want our lives to be. We let others command our Voice. We give away what we need to say in an effort to protect ourselves, and others, including others who do not need or want our protection.

Our Voices are literally all over the place. It is the Voice in our head that can be the most dangerous, and defeating, to us. An unchecked, untamed imagination can make us crazy, correct? We can match either our expression to our needs, wants, dreams and desires or not. When we do, we are Congruent. We are Harmony. We are living our purest, most real and most rewarding life.

When what we say is what we mean, to ourselves and others, there is no limit to our possibility.

The tricky part is that we tend to fool ourselves into thinking we already do that. That our Voice does match our wants, needs, dreams and desires. Are you sure? Are you willing to back that up on every level? Do you have all that you need, want, dream and desire?

The point of life is to NOT have all that, in my opinion. The point of life is discover those things bit by bit, always adding to our virtual pot. Always cooking up more wants, needs, dreams and desires. Shadows need light. What would the point to life be if not that? Is that not living your purpose?

Nothing is ever outside of you. I promise. It’s only an neglected Voice that makes anything seemimpossible. That is totally solvable.

One thing I do on a regular basis to hone my Voice, especially when I feel out-of-whack emotionally, is a little exercise to ask myself what I’m talking about and how it aligns with what I want to talk about.

To do it as I originally created it, you place your dominant hand on a piece of blank paper then draw a line around each finger, outlining your hand. Then do the same with the non-dominant hand. On the fingers of the dominant hand, write what you currently talk about. You could also simply write the 5 things you talk about ALL THE TIME. Usually mine include: Other People, Feeling Lonely, The Weather, Delays (I’m incredibly impatient) and/or Work Shiza. On the fingers of the Non-Dominant hand, or on your list, write the 5 things YOU WISH or WANT to be talking about. Mine are usually: Love, Truitt Skye, New Projects, Adventures, LOVE and Future Plans.

It’s a decently powerful exercise because you:

1. Immediately see where you are incongruent/out-of-whack

2. You can shift your focus and attention to focusing on you non-dominant topics

3. It’s easy to repeat the exercise

4. You can hang your hand art up—just non-dominant please—to remind you to practice nurturing your Life, your Voice, your Best Self.

You can apply it to any of the above definitions of Voice. For instance, for the fingers of your dominant hand, write how you feel about/describe your Home Life as, non-dominant, how you wish/want it to be. I’m off to one for my Imagination!

Sending you all my love!

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