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Meet MMH Press author Kez Wickham St George

1. Why are you so passionate about the written word?

A. It's a way of telling my story plus encouraging others to tell theirs

2. Aside from writing, do you have any other creative interests? A. I'm an artist, and I use that word loosely as I'm a creative artist, which means I will use many genres on one canvas, I love working with paper and plaster plus mosaics.

3. You are the author of many books. Can you share with us the journey of it coming to be? A. I started out writing a motivational Book/journal in New Zealand for the unemployed not realizing in fulfilling a dream of my own to be an author. When I began to search for who Kez was, that's when my books on a woman's spiritual journey began, recognising the power of Self has been my personal motto for many years. I Have since co- compiled an anthology plus built a corridor between Japan and Australia with poetry and short story book. Once I began to travel around nationally and internationally the stories I heard from others and my adventures had to be told, hence the first trilogy.

4. What are you writing now? A. I have just finished the 1st book of the new trilogy, after a wee break, will start the research into book number two.

5. What does the future hold for your authorship? A. well, a movie from one of your books is hard to beat, however, the new trilogy is about my maternal and paternal family, which may involve travel to do some research on their past and who they were.

6. Can you share with us a fun fact? A. being overwhelmed with laughter, when choosing the cast for the movie from my book Scribe.

7. Did you always write? A. Yes, from a child, mainly little rhymes or poetry.

8. Have you got a favorite book of all time? A. Yes its title is Getting there, the author Michael Roads

9. Have you got a favorite band/song? A. Its a beautiful day by Evan McHugh

10. What advice do you have for aspiring authors?

A. IF this is YOUR dream to do so, never give up. Ask for advice, seek out those that will help you achieve, stay the course, if it's meant to be it will happen.

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