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Book 3: The Victoria Collection

Set in the historical region of the Goldfields, Inglewood – A Chilling Summer in Inglewood: A Victoria Collection Novel.

Peace and stability is all Ariel Harper wants to provide for her younger siblings after the tragic death of their mother. Moving to the quiet town of Inglewood Victoria, the young Harper family reside in their ancestral home and look forward to the year ahead.

Loyalty, friendship and unsuspecting love will shape the family’s future as what first began as an innocent summer in Inglewood–soon turns to disbelieving, spine-chilling moments of horror and betrayal that will alter their lives forever.

Can Ariel save her loved ones from the evil-forces whom terrorises her family? And will the charming teacher, Jaxon Williams believe anything she has to say after he’s seen signs of abuse on her younger brother?

“This novel ticks all the boxes if you’re after a creepy paranormal thriller with a side of sexy romance. I could not put this book down. Such a page turner. Martin has a brilliant ability to weave interesting and endearing characters, intriguing back story and exciting suspense all together, while touching on important issues around mental health and familial bonds.”

– Danielle Hughes. Author / Four Moons Publishing

“I was hooked from the start and remained on the edge of my seat. It was clear something eerie and terrible was going to happen. Everything seemed one way on the surface but in reality – it was worse and I loved every moment!”

– Sonee Singh. Award-winning author of the Soul-Seeker Collection, Lonely Dove & Can You Be.

A Chilling Summer in Inglewood


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