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Awakening My Spiritual Heart' is a non-fiction/self-help/memoir style of book; incorporating text, music and instructional videos. It’s an interweave of stories gleaned from my life threaded through Pantajali's Eight Limbs of Yoga, that are arguably, the underlying fabric of all western yogic practices. Although nowadays, yoga is a multi-billion dollar industry, sadly these roots are missing from most 'aerobic style yogic' teachings as many instructors and therefore students have no idea as how to apply this ancient wisdom into a modern day practice, nor relate it to their lives. This book offers some solutions to this dilemma as well as an opportunity for the reader to courageously ‘awaken to their own truth’, by aspiring to bring forth the ‘best version of them’.  Yoga was a practice that I was blessed to be introduced to as a youngster, and one that I have returned to many times over the course of my life, when I was ‘broken', or had forgotten the truth of who I was. I have intermittently, when required always ‘re-found & re-assembled myself’ back on the mat. 'Awakening 'My Spiritual Heart’ painfully and sometimes 'awkwardly truthfully’ follows my journey of hedonistic and reckless abandonment through the use of drugs and alcohol, to experiences of witnessing my best friend's and mother’s death from cancers, being sexually assaulted, and many other ‘stories’ that sit within or around the learning of the Eight Limbs of Yoga. The turning point culminated in an absolute dedication to my own growth, on a committed 'path of purification’ and my own ’ten year experiment.

Awakening My Spiritual Heart


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