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As Isabella and her best friend Coral embark on a night of adventure to Luna Park, their worlds are changed forever by a chance meeting with some rather dapper American soldiers.

Paul has just finished his military training in Australia, and as he stumbles across a beautiful local girl on the streets of Melbourne, he knows he has no choice but to see her again. After their paths have crossed, Paul and Isabella discover a romantic connection like never before, and love is most certainly in the air under the enormous full moon. But Paul is to be shipped out to war any day now.

Will their budding relationship survive the horrors of World War II, the seemingly endless long distance, having to pack up and move across the world, a tumultuous family environment and the tests of time itself?

Will their love be enough?

Find out in Isabella’s Moon, a war-time romance, set in the peak of World War II, following two young hopefuls from two very different worlds. This amorous tale filled with 1940s nostalgia, highlights the importance of following your gut, the value of family and friends, and the joys of finding the love of your life.

Isabella's Moon


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