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Book 1 of The Storyteller Series by Kez Wickham St George.


Once again, the author proves her skills as an  incredible storyteller that draws you into a hidden world of parental childhood trauma. 
As a young child, her one thought was to escape the abuse from the ones she should trust. Her mum with her deep angry emotional trauma and her sibling, who would quite happily dispose of her existence. No one can help her, why? Because it’s secreted away inside the family home. Married off at seventeen to a narcissistic alcoholic to appease the demands of the cult her family belong to. Cassie soon discovers no one cares, not the cult leaders, her family or the police. In the late 1900s it’s termed as a domestic dispute. Poverty of mind and body is a everyday occurrence in this naive child’s life. Knowing to escape this life there are two ways, the first to imitate the maternal women folk in her family before her by suicide, or by running as far away as possible. But where?  
Jigsaw is not only an escape story, a love story, and a story of modern-day sadistic insurgency of the patriarchal system. It’s an awakening for Cassie as she fights for her rights as a woman. Jigsaw is a story of a woman rebirthing in all ways to be who she is today. It’s also a paranormal story that cannot be explained nor be navigated.



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