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I would have been about three years old, my siblings were at school. Aunty May was visiting and my father had not gone to work that day. Dad, May, and my mother drove away in the family car leaving me crying alone in the lane. Mother and May looked back at me plaintively. I heard my father say 'We have to harden her.'


A neighbour took me in and gave me a banana.


Was this a premonition of what my life was to be


Fuelled by an adventurous spirit, Liz Hicklin has led a full life of passion and perseverance. In this enthralling memoir that spans nine decades across three continents, Liz provides a window on a fast-changing world and the challenges that come with it.


It's a compelling tale of love and loss, courage and resilience in the face of adversity.


Kiss and Cry is at once historical and contemporary, timeless and deeply personal. Liz's unvarnished honesty takes the reader on a roller-coaster of action and introspection, with all the emotional twists and turns to make it a truly compelling page turner.

Kiss & Cry: nine decades of life and love


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