Available December 2020


Change your mindset -change your life.
Award-winning entrepreneur, author, publisher, advanced law of attraction practitioner and renowned speaker K P Weaver delivers an inspirational message to everyone who wants to live a life free of regrets and unrealised potential.

Karen is an advanced Law of Attraction practitioner who teaches people how to attract anything they want into their lives. Through the art of manifestation, she has created a highly successful publishing business, financial freedom, and a life she loves.

You can create your dream life too. If you believe in magic there is nothing to stop you from reaching your highest potential. We all have access to this incredible life-changing inner power - harness it with love and it will serve your best interests.

In The Magic of Mindfulness, The Power of Knowing and The Miracle of Intent, Karen shows how to make the magic happen in your life by focusing energy on the positive aspects, being mindful, and accessing the power of intention. Learn how to rewire old thought patterns so you can start living your magical dream life.

It offers a light for those who want to shine.

Life Magic Trilogy