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The world no longer tolerates vicious, repeat offenders, and deals with criminals accordingly. The survivors of these heinous crimes are sent to private establishments around the globe, known as, The Given.

The Louisiana’s Given is run by the ever charming and handsome brothers, Damon and Cam Night who are obligated by their rule to mentor, protect and offer all the wounded a safe haven, a place to heal mentally and physically, whilst coming to terms with their new life. New Given must follow strict rules and an intense regime that comes with the gift of a superior education that only The Given establishments can offer.

Lilliana becomes one of the Given, after suffering a horrific event that separates her from her family forever and she finds herself thrust into a foreign world of volatile individuals, challenging situations and unyielding rules. Her unexpected attraction to Damon Night confuses her all the more, as she tries to deal with her trauma and get a grip on her undetermined reality, amidst the broken minds of society.

Damon is puzzled by the lure the beautiful Lilliana has on him, as he continues to run the family business in a respectful manner, expected of him with his responsibilities, but finds it harder to fight his growing, forbidden attraction to her. An unexpected desire that adds to the already challenging day to day running of The Given.

Can friendship, animal therapy, education and love weave their magic around the souls in The Given, and in time, heal the abused and injured? Or does danger and tragedy strike once too often and tear their safe haven apart? To Whom Much is Given, much is expected.

The Given


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