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Due for release September 2020

Do you know how to know? In The Power of Knowing, author K P Weaver will share insights, strategies and personal stories that will help you rediscover your natural ability to KNOW! In a time when a lot of people search outward for answers to inward issues there is no better time to reconnect with the natural born nstinct we all have to Know exactly what the next is. Are you ready to make decisions with unwavering confidence? Award-winning entrepreneur, author, publisher, mentor and renowned speaker Karen McDermott delivers an inspirational message to everyone who wants to live a life free of regrets and unrealised potential.Karen is an advanced Law of Attraction practitioner who teaches people how to attract anything they want into their lives. Through the art of manifestation she has created a highly successful publishing business, financial freedom and a life she loves.We all have access to this incredible life-changing inner power - harness it with love and it will serve your best interests.In The Power of Knowing, you will be inspired to take back control of your destiny, because youhave had the power to know all along, you need only learn how to reconnect with it. Are you ready to do what it takes to be the difference in YOUR world? There is no better time than right now to embrace The Power of Knowing! With personal knowing stories from Elizabeth Gilbert, Joanne Fedler, Jane Talbot, Bernadette O'Connor and Michelle Weitering. You will have the opportunity to read about Knowing in motion.

The Power of Knowing


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