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Brondo Violaris was just a good little Greek church boy who grew up on the outskirts of Melbourne in a traditional Greek family full of loving, but dominant women. On the morning of January 15, his thirtieth birthday, he had decided to kill himself because he suffered from depression and low self esteem, thought he was just a loser with nothing left to live for. Everyone else had the great careers, big houses, flash cars and marriages by the time they were thirty, while Brondo still lived at home with his grandmother Yaya and Uncle, barely able to hold down a job or get a date. That was, until he met and fell for the beautiful, confident Sheena Baxter, who, like him, had come from a family of diabolical dysfunction. He thought he’d won the lottery; life was finally giving him a chance at love. There was just one problem. Sheena Baxter was married. To a gangsta.

This is Fivos Panayiotou’s debut novel and work of truth, based on his shocking real life story.



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