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Adrea L. Peters


Adrea is a novelist and screenwriter who dramatically changed her life through her writing.
Adrea also knows how challenging and ambitious it is to walk our talk and love ourselves, yet, it does not stop her from trying every single day.

In addition to her own writing, she has loved mentoring aspiring fiction, memoir and screenwriters. She has presented the concepts of story for about a decade and now as a shareholder in Making Magic Happen Press, the beloved publisher of Truitt Skye, she continues to work with soon-to-be published and published authors . She also runs a successful business consulting practice focusing on healthcare informatics.

Adrea graduated Outstanding Senior (Valedictorian) from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a Bachelor of Science in News Writing, earned a certificate as a Holistic Nutrition Educator from Bauman College, and was awarded her Master of Arts for Fiction Writing from Seton Hill University. In her sophomore year at undergrad, she completed a Co-op/paid internship:) at Microsoft, where she learned that her mind tends to work like a computer and from there, her ability to learn skyrocketed.

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