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Meet MMH Press author Fivos Panayiotou

1 Why are you so passionate about the written word?

I am passionate about the written word because its a way of expressing feelings emotions and reaching people on a deeper more intellectual level, words can have a profound effect and can reach people on many levels, I love how I can be free and my mind and heart can come up with many ideas and stories and they evolve from there.

2. Aside from writing, do you have any other creative interests?

My other creative interests are spending time going to the local river and enjoying jogging, walking, hiking, reading and going to the gym. Most other times I enjoy socializing playing tenpin bowling video games or enjoy reading and if given the chance, I enjoy fishing and love documentaries as well as movies. I love problem solving with puzzles quizzes and mind challenging games

3. USER is your debut novel. Can you share with us the journey of it coming to be?

With my debut novel how it came to be and everything was that I realized I had a lot to say, and that men also go through hardships and struglles with their relationships with women, and while they never will be in the same light when domestic violence is mentioned, due to the simple fact that men are more inclined to be the aggressor, in this case the year my grandfather died, my heart was broken and I had never experienced grief, and while I was overseas at his funeral, in my most vulnerable state I decided that life was too short and precious, I had a lot to say and wasn't afraid to speak up. I came back to Australia and by the end of the year I was ready to start putting pen to paper and get it written and expressed, I released with my therapy and away I went.

4. What are you writing now?

I am currently writing a story of bullying and hardship for a young boy who develops resilience and its fiction but a story close to my heart as it mirrors some of my battles as a child but mixed up with differing events and made more romance and joy brought into it, well thats the hope I have for this story.

5. What does the future hold for your authorship?

The future looks bright and promising because I am confident and motivated to continue to write as I have been given so much encouragement from friends and others who have been wowed or inspired by my book, I wasnt aware it would do reasonably ok and I have the self belief to grow as an author and learn and take constructive feedback from others who have lots to teach or impart to me.

I have lots of ideas for stories and I also continue to read and gain insight from others who have come before me. I am committed to growing and bettering myself in all aspects of authorship and everyday life.

6. Can you share with us a fun fact?

A fun fact about me is that I have a reasonably photographic memory with stats and numbers, sports and dates and I have been an extra on TV for shows like neighbours and other shows in the last 3 years.

7. Did you write as a child?

In primary school I was one of the children who loved to get up and tell stories with great enthusiasm and even enjoy writing them, but I didnt have the self confidence and self belief which was suppressed as a child to do anything about it, I had dreams but considered them fantasies as I was made to believe I wasnt good enough or smart enough at times, but I was able to outgrow those narrow minded beliefs, it took a while but i am on the right path now.

8. Have you got a favourite book of all time?

The favourite book of all time wow I have quite a few, I always loved the story of robin hood and King Arthur and the knights of the round table, I also love wuthering heights Emily Bronte and Danielle Steele's romance novels although cant recall the names unfortunately

9 Have you got a favourite band/song?

The favourite band and song of all time, wow I couldn't choose one off the top of my head, bands would be pet shop boys, Phil Collins Elvis and songs I love electric dreams, dreams by van halen, emotion in motion and the cars had some great hits.

10 What advice do you have for aspiring authors?

My advice for fellow authors who are aspiring to become authors would be follow your hearts because following your mind and head can be destructive, the brain tells us what we cant do and the heart advises us to be inspiring and dare to dream. Don't listen to family friends and neighbours because they have limited beliefs and don't advise to follow dreams because they believe that its dangerous and reckless to follow your hearts desires, but I say that its ok to dare to dream and dare to believe, because all you can do is try and give it a red hot go. Believe in yourself and have yourself a starting point, a centre stage for where the story is going and the finish, the whole ending to be something that readers will enjoy.


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