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Meet MMH Press author Mike Mackay

1. Why are you so passionate about the written word? I have always liked reading stories and telling stories. Even when I write an email to people about a particular problem I couch it as a story. With poetry, I was always facinated how in such a few words something much bigger is described. It is a bit like Less is More. When a "moment" arises, I scribbled down some words, just a few words to decribe it. It is like I have to get these few words down before they escape me. Sometimes, I realise these few words should be a short story rather than a poem. Other time I find poems I have written have a continuence about them - these I put into a storyboard to see how it looks.

2. Aside from writing, do you have any other creative interests? I play the guitar. I am not very good. It's the words in certain songs that appeals. Hence I like to sing these songs. Songs tell a story.

3. Scam at Old River is your debut novel. Can you share with us the journey of it coming to be? It said that you should write about what you know. In my personal and business activities there ar many stories. During the course of my work I met some very good people and some very bad people, criminals. Up until now my business activities ate up most of my time. Since returning to the land of my birth, I have trimmed down my business activities to an extent where I havve every morning to write after I arise at 5am.

4. What are you writing now? This story is a sequel in the life of Jack Rhodes. It is set in the automotive inductry in a town outside of Detroit, Michigan.

5. What does the future hold for your authorship? There wiil be more stories about Jack Rhodes. And poems.

6. Can you share with us a fun fact? I was born in Sydney, in a suburb called Gymea. From the age of 27 I lived outside of Australia, doing consulting in many countries.

7. Did you write as a child? Not really. I read a lot. In supermarkets as a child, I used to vanish. My parents just went to the bookshop and there I was.

8. Have you got a favourite book of all time? The Great Gatsby.

9. Have you got a favourite band/song? Gary Moore/Parisenne Walkways.

10. What advice do you have for aspiring authors? I have to get "on the bus" first thing in the morning. That's what I call it. This mean from when I wake up I am at my desk with a cup of coffee. Nothing must distract me, I must start, or the bus leaves without me and nothing is written. Also I don't sit down to write for three hours. I sit down to write for 5 minutes and soon three hours have gone by. Another thing - finish at a point where you know what you will be doing the next morning, when you get on that bus.

You can get your copy of Scam at Old River online or in your favourite Australian Bookstore or at MMH Press bookstore here

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