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Welcome to our new look MMH Press

Updated: Mar 15, 2020

MMH Press is evolving into a spectacular publishing press that will be a home to a family of authors committed to building their author brand to ensure that their book reaches far and wide.

We are a 'Modern day press with traditional benefits' and so much more.

MMH Press authors will grow their author brand alongside our amazing author-shareholders who are each positioning themselves in their respective genre's and accumulating success strategies so that all of our authors can benefit.

Our dedicated Author Shareholder Team are:

1. Karen Mc Dermott

Karen is the Perth based founder of MMH Press and is also the owner of Serenity Press.

Her extensive knowledge and innovative approach to publishing has led to her signing high level authors and building strong industry connections. She is also a multi-genre author of many books.

Karen's super power is that she can identify exactly where an author is on their journey and how they can make the most out of their current positioning to ensure success as an author.

2. Michelle Weitering

Michelle is a Melbourne, Australia based author of Thirteen and Underwater and The Given Trilogy. She is a dedicated writer who gives her all to building her craft and MMH Press authors will feel nurtured by this humble goddess of words.

Michelle's super power is to always see the positives. She will nurture our authors to see their full potential and do wonderful things in the world.

3. Tanya Southey

Tanya is a Melbourne based author and poet. Her debut children's chapter book Ollie and the Starchaser has reached the hearts of many readers. Tanya is now in her 3rd year of her 52 words, 52 weeks poetry project. Her first poetry collection Streetwise showcases her topical poetry teamed up with the Streetwise projects photographer Denise Smith.

Tanya is a busy CEO who also prioritises her creative writing so that she has the best of both worlds.

Tanya's super power is seeing the bigger picture for others and ow by setting powerful personal intentions you can leverage authorship in your business also.

4. Adrea L. Peters

Adrea is a Vermont, US based novelist and screenwriter who dramatically changed her life through her writing.

Adrea also knows how challenging and ambitious it is to walk our talk and love ourselves, yet, it does not stop her from trying every single day.

Adrea is the author of YA novel Becoming Truitt Skye, Book One of a series for all ages that will open readers minds to new thought concepts and infinite possibilities.

Adrea's super power is her amazing analytical mind. She loves testing different strategies and MMH Press authors will benefit immensely.

5. Jennifer Sharp

Jennifer Sharp is the founder of Daisy Lane Publishing house and an author of both fiction and non fiction books. Having worked in an educational setting until recently Jennifer has immersed herself in the world of literature and is ready to share her gifts with our authors and readers.

Jennifer's superpower is to be a valued member of the team and share her experiences and connections to benefit our authors.

6. Kelly Van Nelson

Kelly Van Nelson spends her days in the busy corporate world and moonlights as an author and poet. Her debut book Graffiti Lane has taken the world by storm and Kelly is preparing to release her second collection Punch & Judy. Kelly is currently signed with The Newman Agency with a lot of interest form the big publishers for her debut novel The Pinstripe Prisoner.

Kelly's superpower if that she can see an amazing opportunity and leverage it to its full potential. She is the queen of positioning and our authors will learn a lot by following her author journey.

We are looking forward to serving our current and new authors well. Recently we have made some exciting connections that will ensure that our authors will reach far and wide and our readers will have the delight of being introduced to high quality books.

We have some new exciting things to share:

1. Our awards are launch on March 21st which means if you are an author you have 5 weeks to submit your book. Judging happens in June. Finalists will be announced at the end of June and winners announced July 11th.

2. We have plans to host an author event in July in Melbourne.

It will be a 2 day event on 12th and 13th of July with an award ceremony on Friday 11th. To find out more check out our events tab.

3. If you are a lover of books and do not wish to enter our competition we would love you to consider judging a category of our book awards.

Judges will be credited with recognition of being an MMH Press judge, receive book from your allocated category with a checking sheet and also receive huge buckets of positive karma from our team.

Please message us directly for details.

We will share lots more valued content in our blog in the coming weeks. We hope to become a positive place for you to visit, grab your next read, find support and opportunities.

Until next time.

Team MMH Press

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