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Damon Night has left the Louisiana’s Given Establishment to work undercover in a fallen world full of despicable mayhem. Partly to help the Officials eliminate an Underworld narcotics epidemic, partly to escape his lust and overwhelming desire for Lilliana.
Existing day to day without him, Lilliana completes her studies, to then thrive in her role as a leading therapist offering support to the mentally and physically wounded souls the outside world has delivered to them. Between a hectic schedule, expected from the establishment, to juggling free time with her friends, life flowed around her in a complex, yet meaningful way as the years passed, longing for Damon’s return.
Five years undercover can do a lot to a man who had to fully commit himself to his role in order to convince the black minds of society he was one of them. When Damon returns, Lilliana hardly recognises the dangerous and unpredictable man who stands before her, but when her eyes meet his, questions of who the man he has become, fade as memories of the past ignite more than just an inferno of feelings.
Can Damon overcome the abuse he subjected himself, and others to whilst undercover, and Can Lilliana forgive him his crimes? Just when they are so close to coming together, evil forces weave their sticky web of destruction. Will they be able to finally overcome these dangerous hurdles, or will they once again be forced miles apart?

    Dark Angel


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